Cost includes accommodations, food, and materials. Students will stay in the houses of members of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

about norfolk

Norfolk is a coastal city of 250,000 people, making it the second most populous city in Virginia. It has a fun and vibrant culture with delicious restaurants, beaches and rivers to visit and explore, as well as shopping centers, and museums. RUF students will be given down time everyday after theCAMP to rest and/or explore the city!

About trinity Presbyterian

Trinity is a medium sized congregation, with 415 members. Its 3 pastors are Jack Howell, Ben Lyon, and Clay Warden. Trinity is located in the heart of the Ghent neighborhood and exists to glorify God through exalting, communicating, and modeling the freedom of the Gospel found only in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. To find out more about Trinity, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Interested in serving at theCAMP?

Do you have questions?

Contact Ashley Barnett ( Trinity’s director of mercy ministries

Now in its 16th year, theCAMP is inviting students involved in RUF to come and serve at theCAMP as short term missionaries. The students will help enrich its programming, grow our relationships in the community, and be trained in the ministry of mercy that they can take back to their campuses and churches.

What to expect:

We believe that promoting reconciliation and making disciples of all nations is integral to the gospel of Jesus and are a witness to Christ’s redemption in a world that is broken and divided. We also believe that the work of mercy is fundamental to being a Christian. Having RUF@theCAMP will not only bring more volunteers and workers into the field, but it will expose students to teaching and experiences about biblical reconciliation, provide college students the opportunity to join in the mission of the church, and to develop practical urban ministry skills. theCAMP is a fun and exciting week and RUF students can expect to gain much experience.

What you will learn

  • Professional training and teaching from a pastor on racial reconciliation, ministries of mercy, and Biblical justice

  • On-site mercy experience in a low-income housing community

  • Daily devotionals

  • Further training for your area of service at theCAMP

  • Fellowship and fun with other like-minded college students

Ways to participate

  • There are various ways for RUF students to participate at theCAMP:

    • Co-Counselor: lead a small group of CAMPers as they participate in various activities while sharing with them the love of Jesus.

    • Art & Discovery Assistant: help facilitate arts and science discovery activities to various groups throughout the day for ages 3-5th grade.

    • Sports Assistant: help facilitate sports activities for various groups throughout the day for preK-5th grade.

    • Bible & Explore: help demonstrate Biblical teaching to groups of CAMPers through songs, skits, and stories.

    • Buddy/Shadow: help to provide extra support and attention to children at theCAMP who need a little extra attention in order to fully participate with their peers.